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All tracks are royalty free and available for immediate buyout.  
Email me for licensing opportunities.
 Here you will find original music, orchestrations and band track arrangements.
All traks are .99 per download. All traks can be accessed in the "trak List" page. 
Each trak has a file player and all play in full. 

This library consist of a variety of instrumental music tracks that showcase genres ranging from retro styles in Pop, Jazz, and classical to synth, Rock and electronic soundscapes. My main intent is to focus on quality productions for use in most every visual and video production imaginable. These are music beds, themes melodies and backing tracks pre-existing. 

All articulations, cues and phrasings in these tracks can be mixed to suit the video product's requirements where applicable. Hard copy CD's and downloads can be made available at the request of managers and producers for immediate license.  The music can be streamed for your listening pleasure and as examples of the styles and prescriptions for use in multi-media productions.

Thanks for visiting and I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!


Peter Brown